Realistic beginning…

Monday. After a leisurely breakfast, having decided that Sorapiss is out of reach for today, I suggest to Barbara that we take an easy walk to Rifugio Galassi, at the base of the climb to Antelao. Perhaps a somewhat more realistic beginning to our nearly three weeks trekking in the Dolomites.

About an hour later, we set off. Marino, Tania’s little boy wants to come with us but then changes his mind. So it’s just the two of us.

I set an easy pace so that we can acclimatise to the altitude we’re going to be operating at for the next few weeks, and after a couple of hours we arrive at the rifugio.

Young marmot
Young marmot

Along the way we stop to take pictures of the mountains across the valley, with Pelmo, Civetta, Marmolada, Croda da Lago, Averau, Cinque Torre and Tofane all visible at some stage!

We also come across a young marmot, no bigger than his cousin the grey squirrel, who disappears then slowly pops his head over the rock to check if the humans have gone.

We take our time to enjoy cold drinks and a piece of cake at Rifugio Galassi, before making our way back to Rifugio San Marco, once again marveling at the panoramic display of mountains in front of us… another perfect mountain day! And definitely a more realistic beginning…

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